Bike lessons $20 a weak

Bike lessons for beginners who want to learn to ride and learn about the bikes.

The Scenic Tour  $60

This tour takes from an one to one and a half hours. it is a causal ride and does not take an expert ride,  the ride is slow and shows Philip Islands beautiful land beaches and areas.

The Circuit $30

Only available on  June the ninth and lets you ride on the Philip Island race circuit. You wont break any lap times but you will enjoy the safest and most picturesque location to ride your bike on Phillip Island. Perfect for either the serious rider or for a safe family pedal around.

The Expert Tour $80

This ride includes dirt paths and steep hills, it is recommended for expert riders. This tour will require the riders to bring there own bike and gear, it takes from 1 and a half to 2 hours.

Night Tour  $70

The night tour starts at 10 o’clock and goes for an hour, during this riders will be able to watch the little penguins as they head out of the water and in to there homes. riders will also be able to view many other nocturnal animals.


Business hours: 9 am to 6 pm

Contact number: 346-555-0134

Business email: